I hold a Master of Fine Arts in Writing and Producing for Television, as well as a BA in Creative Writing (minoring in editing and publishing and integrated media). My style tends to be dramedy that errs on the side of comedy, taking absurd and sometimes supernatural themes and putting unimpressed female protagonists at the center.

Ace and Anxious (short film, 2017)

Emma, an asexual graphic designer with generalized anxiety disorder, learns of the stress-relieving properties of sex. She decides to place a “FREE SEX!” ad on Craigslist to test whether or not having sex will be a more cost-effective cure for her anxiety than medication and therapy.

The script won “Best Short Screenplay” at the New York Short Film and Screenplay Competition in 2016 and the London Indie Fest in 2017. The film itself won “Best Comedy” at the Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival in 2017.

Both the screenplay and film have been official selections at four other festivals as well, including St. Louis International Film Festival Online, 2017; Howling Wolf International Short Film Festival, 2017; Freedom Film Fest, 2016, and; Paris Art and Movie Awards, 2016


Sam and Pat Are Depressed (web series, 2017-present)

Depressed roommates Sam and Pat help each other navigate the inherent awkwardness of therapy through profanity, humor, and take out.

I am the sole writer of the series, and co-starred in it as Sam. We’ve just started submitting it to festivals, so check back soon!

Brains (web series, 2015-2016)

“Brains” is a web series set after a three-year zombie apocalypse on a college campus. 23-year-old Alison Sumner is a neuropsychology student getting back into video blogging now that the apocalypse is finally dying down, though to cover her tracks she tells everyone she’s making a documentary. “Brains” is a vlog record of her life, her friends, her love life, her science, and the still-troubling post-apocalyptic world she lives in.

I am the sole writer of the series, which has won awards at 2 festivals and has been featured in over 20.

“Best Web Series”

“Best Original Idea”

Click here to see the full list of festivals Brains has been included in.

Apocalypse Yesterday (short film, 2016)

Set in the universe of my web series Brains (see above), Apocalypse Yesterday is a short faux-documentary about four roommates living in LA after the zombie apocalypse. I wrote the project in New York and my brother, an Emerson film school graduate, and a small crew filmed it in Los Angeles.

dusk of the dead (mini series, 2017)

Also a spin off within the universe of the web series Brains, this three-part miniseries set in Wales centers around a pair of siblings reuniting after the apocalypse, but one of them has a dark secret. I co-wrote this project with my friend RJ Davies, who also went on to produce and star in the project. After I wrote the treatment for the show, RJ and I traded off drafts until we were both happy.