My first love may be writing, but my degree is an MFA in Writing AND Producing for Television. In addition to my indie projects, which comprise of most of this online portfolio of mine, I was an Associate Producer at MTV, in their digital development department.

I am an executive producer on all of the projects I have written or co-written, which you can learn more about here. Below is a hopefully growing list of projects I produce that I have not written.

Relativity (web mini series by Chris Cherry, 2016)

After receiving a strange package in the mail, “Relativity” follows college student Erin Barclay as she unexpectedly finds herself hosting two strangers, artist Perry and grad student Candace. They are quickly placed in a life or death situation as the object in the package unsticks them from time, causing them to experience time jumps, but not in the same order. The series is structured so that the same ten episodes can be viewed in three different orders, each order following one character’s subjective experience of events, all the while raising questions about fate and mortality. But, you know, in a fun way.

I executive produced (among other roles) this award-winning series along with creator Chris Cherry and DP Andrew Williams.

It won Best Sci Fi/Fantasy Web Series at the inaugural Minnesota Webfest 2017.

Other festivals and screenings for Relativity:

STRAY (web series by Pablo Andreu, 2017)

A bromantic comedy in which a brash gay dude and a nerdy straight guy talk sex and relationships.

I became an associate producer for this show during its first season, after filming had wrapped. I designed the thumbnails for the episodes, set up the official IMDb page, and assisted or consulted on various other promotional decisions.

As the show prepares for its second season, I was promoted to producer (as well as assistant director), overseeing the crowdfunding campaign, scheduling, casting, and other tasks.


OKAY Jewelers (Commercial Parody by Forren Films, 2017)

My friends Lauren and Forrest of Forren Films asked me to help them produce the above sketch just in time for Valentine’s Day 2017. I provided several props and key peices of equipment (camera, microphone, lights) , helped with wardrobe, prop, and location breakdowns, assisted in casting, and was on set the entire shoot.

Lynda Lowery: The Woman Who Marched with MLK Jr. (MTV interview segment, 2016)

This was the first video I associate produced at MTV. My duties included researching images and videos from the historical events recalled, buying the models for the reenactments, painting the models to be more accurate, making a series of to-scale historical protest signs and confederate flags, and assisting during the filming of the scenes with the models and projections.

I produce under my own name (Bri Castellini) as well as the “company” Undead Burrito Productions.