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BRAINSlogoblack Below are the specific breakdowns of my duties on the production of Brains.


“Brains” was originally a five minute play set in a piano practice room at my undergraduate university in Oregon. Since then, the basic premise has taken various forms, including having been published as a short story. I am the sole writer on the series.

Executive producer/producer

In addition to recruiting all cast and crew, as executive producer I oversaw every element of production and coordinated much of it myself. I was the primary contact for all cast and crew on and off set, I set agendas for production meetings, made up production schedules, contacted and secured locations, took complete charge of our very successful IndieGoGo campaign, oversaw the budget, and controlled production organization in general. I also pay for everything that our IndieGoGo budget doesn’t cover.

Lead actress

In high school and as an undergraduate I was a part of several theater productions, both small and large, but this is my first time acting seriously on film.


During season 2 of Brains, I directed episode 8, “Guest Lecturers”. You can view that below when it is released (November 7th, 2016). For now, here’s a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 3.33.59 PM

Head editor

I edited Brains in Final Cut Pro on my Macbook Pro. The process included adding a destroyed building into the background of episode 7, adding a wound frame by frame in episode 4, and adding ADR audio in several episodes.

Assistant director

I took care of communicating with cast and crew, writing up and sending out call sheets, writing shooting checklists organizing the cast, crew, props, and equipment per shooting day, purchasing and holding onto all props, scheduling, and general organization of production.

Production design

While we do have a dedicated production design team, one member had to drop out in between filming the pilot and the rest of the season, so I stepped up for the remainder of the series. I met with our remaining production designer to plan and design the sets moving forward, even aiding in constructing a prison door prop. I was also intimately involved in all set design choices even before taking a more active role.


Prison door prop.
Prison door prop.
Alison's dorm room set.
Alison’s dorm room set.
Alison's dorm set in action.
Alison’s dorm set in action.
Alison's season 2 bedroom set
Alison’s season 2 bedroom set
Set design for Alison and Carl's living room: Season 2
Set design for Alison and Carl’s living room: Season 2
Carl and Alison's kitchen set: season 2
Carl and Alison’s kitchen set: season 2, in action


I was the main contact for all casting, including posting casting ads, coordinating auditions, compiling sides, and securing locations for the auditions to take place.

Location manager

For most locations on this production, I was the main contact, securing the dorm room, cafeteria, science lab, and all exterior sets myself. I also spent time with my fellow producers visiting potential locations to scout and taking archival photos and videos for decision-making purposes.

Media management

As the head editor, and because we filmed season 1 with my personal camcorder, I took care of media management as well, downloading all footage and audio files onto my personal computer and then immediately backing everything up on external drives.


I run and regularly update our official Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts, do all promotional write-ups, and I designed the official Brains logo with input from my director and fellow producer, Andrew Williams. For season 2 I also managed to secure us press coverage from a variety of third party sources, which you can see compiled here.

Production sound mixer

I did research on and subsequently purchased lapel microphones that plug into iPhones, which I am in charge of on production days. Sometimes we have four separate mics being used in a scene that I am also acting in.

Props master

As I mentioned above in my AD duties, I took care of researching, purchasing, and holding onto all props used in the series.

Official Posters:

BrainsGROUPposter Mockup

Season 2 Poster


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