I play the lead character Alison Sumner in this web series that I also wrote, produced, and directed an episode of. The series is distributed by SeekaTV and BrooklynOnDemand.

In reviewing the first season of Brains (above), the blog Nerdophiles said this:

“The only bright spot is that Bri Castellini as Alison does a solid job with the material she’s given, and she’s largely what makes the series watchable.”

Similarly, a less than thrilled reviewer of the show for NetTVNow said this:

“To be fair, Alison is actually pretty great. Castellini has a natural charisma, and Allison benefits from by far the most screen time in the series. She’s one of the only character who feels remotely like a real person”

To be honest, I’m very surprised that what our negative reviewers liked was my performance and not my writing, but I’ll take the compliments! The 20 film festivals where we’ve been an official selection (and our “Best Web Series” award from the Bloody Horror Film Festival) are enough cushion for my writing ego.

I also play Sam in the web series Sam And Pat Are Depressed, alongside my friend Chris Cherry as Pat. I wrote, produced, and edited the series, which is currently distributed by SeekaTV.

I also helped out as a background extra for this MTV sketch, as part of my day job as an Associate Producer at MTV Digital.

Previous roles include Shirley in the short film Manhunter at age 17 and various small parts in middle school, high school, and college plays. I also took a single improv class with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in NYC before an infected ingrown toenail forced me to drop out.

Joking and sass aside, I very much look forward to acting more in the future.